Battle Summery August 13th, 2011

This is several weeks late but I will post a summery of the last battle between myself and Silchias Ruin. I faced him with my Black Templar army.

After fumbling around trying to remember the rules I made several massive mistakes, the first of which was to use my razorbacks to cover my Land Raider. That was idiocy that cost me a racpr back as Ruin's 4 Prism tanks blew it to smithereens. His fire dragons eventually popped my land raider and my terminators poored forth making short work of them and the Farseer council on jetbikes. I sent them trudging on foot to the prism tanks and pulled my troops to hold my objective. I landed assault marines but they were bogged down by the remaining Farseer. Ruin sent his Howling banshees to tear into my troops but I delayed their advance by popping the transport. I pulled by my defending troops so that my heavy bolter could soften them up for my troops, including my emperors champion to charge. I tried to make the best of a bad situation as I made too many mistakes and was deftly outmaneuvered by the tricky xenos. Luckily or unluckily the game ended on turn 5 with a tie. I kept one objective and Ruin still kept his.
I suppose a tie was the best I could hope for considering my placement mistakes early on.

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