Black Templar Group Shot.

This is my complete collection of Black Templars. What I would play if in an Apocalypse game.


Welcome! Grab a bolter and get fighting.

Stealing an idea from better people was always my strong suit. After reading other blogs about 40k and seeing the cools my own friends can talk about, I was inspired to do my own. I am afraid I cannot make any lofty promises about regular posts and battle reports. But I will do my best.
I do think that if you come here for expert tactics, you need to go somewhere else, probably check out the blogs I follow, ok? Cause I suck. Since I started playing this game I, alone, have only won a single game. But no matter, I play on. I hope to get better at this one day, and learn how I should think, but it's hard. I have been painting and collecting miniatures for about 10 years now, but havent played with any of them until the beginning of this year.
The first GW minis I bought was a skaven clanrat plastic set. The original plan was to make a skaven army. That changed when my brother got a new WarhammerFB box set and he gave me all of his Lizardmen. I actually had a basic army for that before I got out of it. I dabbled in the LOTR game and it wasn't until three or four years ago that I decided to get into 40k. I wanted to do Necrons. I loved the simple paint scheme and their fluff...I did not love thier variety of models though. So I picked Space Marine Black Templars and have been working on them since.
Soon I'll try to post a photo of my collection.