A feast for the Stormlord

The day after Thanksgiving I engaged my brother with my Necron Army.
I brought forth the armies of the Stormlord and my brother countered with his Ultramarines 2nd company commanded by Captain Secarius.

1850 points

Army List:

Army of the Stormlord
Imhotekh The Stormlord  
Imotekh The Stormlord
Anrakyr The Traveler
Cryptek - Harbinger of Despair (abyssal staff, VoD, NC)
Cryptek - HoDestruction (Eldritch Staff, Gaze of Flame)
Cryptek - HoThe Storm (Voltaic Staff, Lightning Field, Ether Crystal)
7 Triarch Praetorians
10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Immortals
Fast Attack
9 Canoptek Scarabs
5 Tomb Blades (Particle Blaster, Nebuloscope, Shield Vanes)
Heavy Support
Canoptek Spyder
Doomsday Ark

2nd Company
Captain Cato Secarius
Librarian Tigurius
Venerable Dreadnaught
Tactical Squad - 10
Tactical squad- 5
Tactical Squad - 5
Scout Squad - 10 (Sniper Rifles, Sgt Telion)
Dedicated Transports
3 Razorbacks (Lascannon)
Fast Attack
Assault Marines- 10
Landspeeders - 3
Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader

The mission was seize ground with pitched battle formations. Imotehk seized the initiative and I took the area with the most ruined buildings (the better to lie in wait) Two objectives lie in ruined structures so I placed my Necron Warriors in those ruins to hold the objective. I placed my Immortals, which included Anrakyr, between them. My Praetorian I placed behind a unit of warriors to strike out at any enemy that gets close. Directly ahead of these two objectives was a building that contained a third objective. My plan was to wait for my brother to send his troops out, blast them and then take the objective. I placed my scarabs and spiders in the fore front to better attack his transports. My brother held nothing in reserve and placed his heavier stuff towards the middle objective, in an effort to rush it and hold it. He placed his scout snipers on an objective on his side in the center and his other troop choices towards the farther end.

Turn One
I did little movement in the first turn. I moved my scarabs forward, not forgetting to use the spyder to spawn more. I moved my tomb blades away from any possible fire as they are meant to hit and run. In the shooting phase, the Stormlord's power reached out and only hit the Assault Squad but they shrugged it off. The dreadnought and assault marines advanced toward the center objective, meeting no resistance. I waited patiently. My doomsday ark could see through the storm clouds and shot at one of his razorbacks, missing.
Ultramarines in the rubble

Turn Two
I moved my forces into position. My Praetorian moved forward to engage his Assault Marines, and my scarabs moved within assault range of his land raider as it rumbled forward. Imotekh called down the lightning again and with spectacular results. In the aftermath, his dreadnought and two razorbacks lay in smoking ruins, the troops inside scattered. The last razorback rendered immobile and weaponless. In a concentration of firepower my doomsday ark and tomb blades eliminated all but one of the survivors from the ruined razorbacks. My Immortals and Praetorian shot into the assault marines, killing several before the Praetorian charged into them. The marines hit and wounded in the melee but the armor prevented any damage. The power weapons of the Praetorian killed many more marines but they held fast. My scarabs attacked his land raider, eating through it's armor and reducing its value to 2. He shot into my Necron warriors but only destroyed one.

Turn Three
I left my tomb blades in a forward position out of negligence but pulled my immortals back from the rampaging Land Raider. The storm clouds dissapated and my troops could see to blast the Land Raider away. The tank exploded taking several marines with it. My Immortals and remaining warriors blast another marine to meet the Emperor. My doomsday ark blasts at the final marine but misses, allowing him to take the objective on the wreckage. My tomb blades destroy two of his three landspeeders. My opponent uses Tigurius to target my scarabs with a Vortex of Doom, blasting most of scarabs. He directed remaining landspeeder towards the middle objective and blast the Conoptek Spyder, destroying it. No more scarabs. He runs his scouts towards the middle objective to claim it and Secarius and his squad move into the temple front to claim another objective.

Turn Four
Necron Warriors
I jump my Praetorians behind Secarius and blast into them with Rods of Covenant. wiping away another two marines. My Doomsday Ark blasts the last land speeder. The Praetorians charge into the squad killing everyone but Secarius. Tigurius blasts my tomb blades wiping them out. His scouts target my remaining scarabs, killing them.

Turn Five
I move my Immortals closer to the Temple objective but am still more than three inches away. My Praetorians gave Secarius another wound deals final death to one of my Praetorian. My brother runs his scouts into the middle objective, bringing his total to 2 claimed. Secarius kills another two Praetorians and takes another wound. I am hoping the game goes on to one more turn but alas, it does not.

UltraMarines: 2 Objectives
Necrons: 2 Objectives

I think I did ok, but I wish I would have thought better. I should have stretched one squad of Necron Warriors to cover two objectives and run another squad towards another objective.
I did lay a hurting on the Marines though. Although I tied, I amassed a good amount of victory points.

Necrons Victory Points: 1215
UltraMarine Victory Points: 573

Out of 1850 points I think I did pretty good...I just should not have let my fast attack get vaporized.



Yes. I have had a few weeks to explore the new codex and have made a list. I plan over the holidays to play several games and see how these new Necrons fare. I have been waiting for this codex for a long time. Although I love my Black Templars it was the Necrons that called me to play 40k. Now that there is some degree of awesome to them in terms of playability and modelling, I can't wait. I have new modelling ideas for characters as well as for scenery. Hopefully I will have a good battle report next post.