Training the new guy.

My brother has recently moved close by and he wants to do an Ultramarine army. He has never actually played 40k So I have been trying to get him up to speed. We have so far played 3 games. The first game dragging on for almost a whole day. I started him off with an army of 1000 points and are up to 1550 points and only 3 hours long. Getting better.
I let him use my Black Templars as proxies for his Ultramarines and the Necrons I am using for opponents.

Necrons in 5th ed. are not too good but it's helping me think creatively and helping my brother has given me a chance to see both sides. I don't win these games but that's ok. I tell my brother what I would do to win and given him the chance to do the best he can do. I think once we get his list finalised at 1850 I'll take the kid gloves off and lose for real. I like the monolith. It's fun. In the picture that metal thing is my Monolith proxy.

Necrons need an update. They are still passable but it is like pulling teeth...against a new player.
I like them compared to my Templars. The idea of a shooty army is very fun to me. Destroyers are super-useful.

On the modeling side of the hobby I have been making some new buildings, one of which you can see my Necrons shooting from. I will probably be helping my broth paint and model his Ultramarines soon.

That's all for now.


  1. I wish I was around and could play a game with you all. I am really starting to miss playing. I might have to get my stuff out do some painting.

  2. Yeah, wish you were here playing too. Im working on the new 5th edition Necron army. Pretty cool. Lots of neat stuff.