Whats up...

Well, I have some projects on my table.

I'm buying a house right now, so at the moment there isn't extra money to buy little plastic men. I know, I should make better priorities.
The next things I'll be getting are:
2 Assault Terminators
Various bits to make my new Marshal
3 Land Speeders
2 Razorbacks (will build them so I can convert them to rhinos should I need them)

That's a lot for me right now.

Plus I broke the metal Melti-melta on my Land Raider and fixed it with greenstuff. I want to get the LRC upgrade sprue and replace it with plastic. (easier to work with)

Also, I am working on a special project. My girlfriends birthday is coming up, and while I'm actually getting real presents I wanted to do something unique. I wanted to custom-make her own space marine. I already know which bits I will need and how I'll make it. Its gonna take a lot of green stuff. Oh and I'll need some pink paint :)

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  1. Hi, would you put up some more pictures of your best models. The other picture lacks any detail.