My current 1850 list, and some ideas...

Hey, below is my current 1850 army list:


Marshal 135
Lightning Claws
Terminator Armor

Emperors Champion 140
Vow: Accept the challenge no matter the odds


Assault Terminators (7) 280
Lightning Claws (3)
Thunder Hammers (4)

Lascannon, Missile Launcher


Crusader Squad A (9) 185
CCW, BP Melta-gun, Power Fist

Crusader Squad B (5) 100
Bolters, Melta-gun. Missile Launcher

Crusader Squad C (5) 101
Bolters, Lascannon, Plasma Gun

Fast Attack

Assault Squad (8) 207
Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs

Dedicated Transports

Rhino A 58
Smoke, Extra Armor

Rhino B 58
Smoke, Extra Armor

Rhino C 58
Smoke, Extra Armor

Land Raider Crusader 268

Heavy Support

Vindicator 125

Im thinking of taking out the Vindicator and the Assault Marines and replace them with 3 land speeders (Assault Cannon and 2 Melta) and replace 2 of the rhinos with razorbacks (a Heavy Bolter and a Lascannon)

The idea is to use the land speeders to drop on objectives and use their speed to contest. I can do that better with them.
The razorbacks would add more firepower to the army.
Hows that sound?


  1. It sounds like it could work.

    The fast moving skimmers makes the Land Speeders excellent for contesting objectives on turn 5.

    You can always try it and see what happens.

    I have one land speeder you can borrow for play-testing.

  2. Thanks, I may do that. Yeah a turn 5 rush was the idea, with the hope that I could reserve em the the last second and the drop em on what I want to contest. At least thats the idea. I love my assault marines but I'd get better use from the land speeders.

  3. Well, you can always make little changes to your list and play-test it. If you don't like the change, then you can put the list back like it was.