Some pictures

*please note. Sorry this post is messed up. Couldnt get it to work right.

I have a request to post some of my better models. So here goes.

This fellow here is my Marshal. I mixed various bits to create him. Im gonna repeat the process for my next one. Adding lightning claws to that one.

This is my squad of Assault Terminators. The Best Ive painted so far. I don't think their bases are as cool as my other termies, but all around I like these guys more

A Crusader squad with some neophytes.

My Emperor's Champion's rhino. It actually was for my chaplain and his command squad but I'll only use it for that in an Apocalypse game.

Thats it for now. I may post some more later.

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  1. It looks good.

    I am really itching to get back on the table.

    My Angels Sanguine want another shot at your Templars.